needs you!

As one of Australiaís fastest-expanding locum employment agencies, OZ LOCUMS is urgently seeking new doctors to fill an ever-growing list of available positions in our database.

This is your big chance. By signing up with OZ LOCUMS, you are getting a foot in the door of the medical profession.

If you are already registered with OZ LOCUMS, you can earn top dollars by referring your fellow doctors to this website.

For each applicant who registers an interest in this website thanks to your referral and is successful in their first shift, you will receive a $100 commission.  Get ten of your associates to sign up with OZ LOCUMS and youíll make an easy thousand dollars. Itís that simple!

To find out more about how to become part of OZ LOCUMS, visit the Contact Us page.

Oz Locums
Oz Locums