These are some of the questions we are mostly frequently asked.  If a question you have is not listed here, please Contact Us.

1. How much will I get paid?
Rates are quoted on an hourly basis. They depend on both the discipline in which you work and the grade at which you are eligible to work.  All rates are highly competitive and payroll is run fortnightly.

2. What do you need from me to put me on your register?

  • An application form
  • An up-to-date CV
  • A current copy of your Medical Board registration
  • A current Medical Indemnity
  • Two passport-size photographs (when you have been registered, we will provide you with an identity badge containing a scanned image of yourself)
  • Completed MMO skill assessment forms
  • A signed Criminal Record Check request form
  • A signed Child Protection verification form
  • A completed Agreement Form

You can download an application form on the Application page. Alternatively you can contact us and we'll send you a registration pack in the post.

3. Where will I be offered work?
We will make every endeavour to offer you positions wherever you wish to work.

4. Will I receive holiday pay?
No.  Holiday pay is not provided.

5. Can you provide accommodation?
Accommodation is not normally provided free of charge. If considerable travel is involved it may be possible for us to arrange accommodation with the client.

6. What about travel costs?
Travel costs are not normally covered if you are working within a reasonable distance from your home.  If this is not the case, we ask the client to pay some or all of the cost.

7. Do you offer temporary or permanent work?
We offer both temporary and permanent positions. It is also quite common to take up a temporary position that can then become permanent.

8. What happens if I have to cancel a job?
From time to time you may have to cancel a locum assignment due to unexpected circumstances. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible so that we can inform the hospital or practice and find a suitable replacement.

You should telephone your local office advising the recruitment consultant of your reason for cancelling. Please be aware that last minute cancellations are taken very seriously by Trusts and cause more problems and complaints than any other issue.


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